Choosing the best shit to eat

Keep it simple, stupid! As far as guidelines go, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

When it comes to choosing the best food for your health, simple is also best.

Here is a simple way to decide which foods to eat:

  • Always look for organic, free range, grass fed options
  • Grow and farm your own produce where possible
  • If you can’t grow your own, use a supplier you trust and can question about produce
  • Your last resort is eating foods from unknown suppliers where you don’t know the source or processing details

Healthy choices make for healthy results.

Grow your own.

Grow your own. Grass is for suckers.



  1. Jenny Campbell

    I think you should be more specific about what shit is good to eat. Not for me because I know….for others who might be a big vague on the differences between good shit and bad shit. Just sayin’

    • Adam Stanecki

      Thanks Jenny.
      The whole idea behind this site is not to get bogged down in specifics.
      The general idea of what is good and what is bad is the whole point.
      That said, I will be updating The Shit List soon and writing more posts too.

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