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Don’t eat shit philosophy

It’s time to clear something up. The Don’t Eat Shit Diet is actually an anti-diet. It’s not really a diet at all. It is simply a set of principles that you can follow to eat well. (Hmm, maybe one day I’ll trademark the name and sell a thousand books. Until then, it is what it is and nothing more.)

The philosophy of the diet is really very, very simple: Don’t eat shit!

What this “diet” is not:

  • It’s not about counting calories
  • It’s not about going gaga over what someone might have eaten millennia ago
  • It’s not about what celebrities are eating now
  • It’s not about proportions of macronutrients
  • It’s not about precision
  • It’s not about food matching
  • It’s not about metabolism
  • It’s not about blood types

Does this mean that this “diet” shuns the stuff above? Not necessarily. What it means is this “diet” is about following the simplest possible parameters to achieve a healthy diet.

So stop stressing. Stop being cultish about what you eat. Food is fuel but it should be enjoyed too.

Live your life, eat and be merry!

Food fight

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