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Tap water is shit

It’s time to polarise the people. I contend that tap water is pooh poohs. And I know that some scientists (almost certainly government paid) insist that tap water is a-ok. Here’s the rub: tap water has fluoride added it, purportedly because we’re all too retarded to take care of our own dental hygiene. The thing is fluoride is bad for you. Apparently it’s good for your teeth (I don’t think so, read this) but it’s certainly bad news for the rest of you. (As an aside, I’ve started using homemade natural toothpaste consisting of coconut oil, bi-carb soda and peppermint essence and my teeth feel and look better than ever!)

The fluoride that is added to our water supply is not naturally occurring. In fact, as per my stance on not eating shit you can’t pronounce you should avoid tap water as the scientific names of the stuff being added includes¬†hydrofluorocilicic acid, hexafluorisilisic acid and sodium silicofluroride (source). Who can actually pronounce that shit?

Our water supply also contains chlorine. Yep, like the stuff they put in pools so we can swim in them after other assholes have gone pee pee in the water.

Let’s look at why fluoride and chlorine are bad for us:

Fluoride may cause:

  • dental fluorosis
  • cancer (debated)
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • mouth sores
  • skin rashes
  • headaches
  • arthritis

Read more.

Chlorine may cause:

What does all this mean? Well there’s shit in your local tap water that makes it bad for you.

Oh yeah, I hear water contains mercury too. Egad! What else is in it?

dirty water

Mmm mmm mmm. Yummy water.

Who should you do? I see two options: 1. get yourself a whiz-bang water filter or 2. buy bottled water (but choose carefully because some of it is crap too). Or you could just stick you head in the sand and hope for the best.

Note: I have a philosophical issue with bottled water due to the actually bottles (too much waste). I also have trust issues with the big companies that produce bottled water. My plan is to invest in a pricey yet awesome filter for home. Your life, your call.